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Thread: Gauge faces for our cars

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    Gauge faces for our cars

    As I get closer to making the gauge face plate for the interior I am building, I am faced with a decision I never thought would cause me this much waffling on. :-\

    VDO gauges are not as plentiful up here in Canada as they are in the US so I have obtained a couple gauges for fitment purposes from Autometer.

    The gauges I got, however, are black face with silver bezels. (I am going to paint the silver bezels black). I can't get the electronic speedo in black bezel from Autometer. Always something......

    Seeing the interiors with the white face gauges, I am at a cross roads as to what I want to put in the car. I really like the white faces with black bezels. I like them both and don't have a preference either way as they both look great.

    What are people's thoughts about black face versus white face? More modern look with white faces or more authentic look with black faces for the interior?

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    Re: Gauge faces for our cars

    have you ever considered the fiero gauges with the Ferrari reface over the old gauges but you would have to get the speedo recalibrated* 8)* ;D

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    the page come with 2 sets per page one in MPH AN one in KMH with PRACING HORSE OR LAMBO BULL
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    Re: Gauge faces for our cars


    I like the white as well. I did use the black face and always wish I had the stones to step out of the box and go with a different color on them. After all, it is our rendition of a 355 anyway. I say go for the white.

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    Re: Gauge faces for our cars

    Black is fine with me....

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    Re: Gauge faces for our cars

    Don, I don't know where are you located in Canada , but here in Toronto ,there's a instument company and they fix and mod all kinds of gauges.
    friend of ours, they dulpicated Diablo instruments (All) you can tell diff. and I and Carlo got ours speedo/tach to open add the little bull in it and 300KPH as limit.
    trust me the first think people look inside ot see the speedo what is the last digits ;D
    if you need the phone # e mail me, Eddie

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