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Thread: Hood hinges needed

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    Hood hinges needed

    hey guys
    I know allot of you have seen allot of different hinges and such out there when looking around for the right ones to get the job done. I thought someone might have a suggestion for some hood hinges for a custom hood I'm making for a Toyota Supra. I want the hood to lift from the back to the front similar to a viper or corvette. the problem is I need a hinge that will lift up or come up at an arch or something so that the front of the hood doesn't hit the bumper when it flips up.

    any ideas?

    99 SV

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    Re: Hood hinges needed

    you need what is called a 3 pivot point hinge,i think neon use them,the neon hood doesnt open like you want but that is the style hinge you will have to use.a lot of japaneese cars use them on their trunklids also.ive made some before for different applications ,its not that hard to do,you just need to determine how high the hood needs to raise before it starts coming back,study a neon hood hinge and youll see what i mean

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    Re: Hood hinges needed

    click on this link for some hinges that will work for your idea. Don't forget to use the search function of this site to help answer your questions. More than likely,,,,,,we have had your problems already! 8)

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    Re: Hood hinges needed

    Ive never opened a Viper or Corvette, but it sounds like the hinges used on the old 5 series I had, you may want to check that out as well.

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