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Thread: Any British TVR guys out there?

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    Any British TVR guys out there?

    Hey I am in the US and I'm just looking for some people that know some good websites for TVR Tuscan info and maybe some of you British guys could help me out finding parts and such. what's the used parts market like over there? is the Tuscan stuff hard to come by??
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    Re: Any British TVR guys out there?

    well considering that TVR is a pretty big company and builts cars not kits, you could go straight to them and probably wouldnt get a bad deal either.what kind of parts are you looking for?
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    Re: Any British TVR guys out there?

    Dont know too much about TVR's, but the factory is about 15 miles from where I work!

    I thought they tended to use parts from other british cars so spares shouldnt be too much of a problem provided someone can let you know what the original part came from??

    I would suggest TVR owners club maybe. Google or other search should bring them up.
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