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Thread: New guy with some questions

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    New guy with some questions

    Hello everybody,
    I am new to this whole kit car thing. I've wanted to build one for a long time but never had the time or money but would like to get into the hobby now. I have a few questions however. I searched the net and weren't able to find any companies that sell these kits. Can someone point me to the right place? Also, what is a good year of Fiero to start with? Most people are saying 88' GT was the best, is this correct? I am interested in building the new Lamborghini Murcielago replica, does anyone make a kit for it?

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    Re: New guy with some questions

    well I would wait
    there 3 going that I know of that look perfect one is the one we are doing
    you can email us for pics

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    Re: New guy with some questions

    fierro's are way too old and unreliable for donors nowadays..

    wait 6 to 8 months, save up in the meantime...the perfect murci kit is on the way on a donor AVAILABLE in the usa.. it's all hush hush at the moment, but it will be worth while your wait... save up about $20k - $30k for a really good kit...

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    Re: New guy with some questions

    Hi all,

    Before you go and buy an 88 fiero, be sure to do your research on aftermarket suspensions.... *First nail down a kit that you have to have! * It must be a have to have if your gonna spend the kinda money on it, ya know....Once you figured out what kit, research what kinda mods are gonna have to be done to the fiero chassis, I guarentee that the aftermarket for suspension parts is larger for the 84 through 87 fiero.......Plus it is also expensive to have to fix the suspension on an 88 due to its laging aftermarket......................Best thing you can do, before purchasing, and finishing, is to do your REASEARCH!!!!!!!!
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    Re: New guy with some questions

    yeah, or buy from a builder who knows what he's doing and will assist u perfect the project all the way!

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    Re: New guy with some questions

    Yes the 88 Fiero has better suspension and brakes. If you are going to modify the suspension or get larger brakes, then it does not matter. If I had to build a Fiero base kit again, I would not use the 88. I would go for a 85-87 and use the NEARC C5 suspension upgrade.

    - Do a lot of research.
    - Attend all of the kit car shows that you can.
    - Visit the manufactures in person.
    - Get everything in writing (with penalties for missing parts or being excessively late if you can)
    - Attend a local kit car club and talk to as many people as you can. (These are not easy or cheep projects to do. You are going to need all the help that you can get.)
    - Write down all the parts needed to build a kit. (then go outside and walk around your car and write down all the things you missed)
    - Prepare a realistic budget (and get ready to double it)

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    Re: New guy with some questions

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will look around.

    Also, I noticed you guys are looking for blueprints, has tons of them for free. I do 3d models so they come in handy. ;D

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    Re: New guy with some questions

    yes that is a good place to look.
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