I just wanted to introduce myself, I have been reading this forum everyday for months and it has been very helpfull, I have to say that there is some really nice people on this forum like Shaddoe he is always willing to help and give advice not only on this forum but also on other ones, DKOV I must say I love the way your car sound on the video clips, 1988mera beatiful car , Bujitas you are an inspiration to me, the work your doing is great.

The Yokohama 345-35-15 are on sale at tire rack for 109.00, that is a great deal and i was told they will discontinue them, so i figure i'll share the info.

I have a Countach that was put together by a company in Jersey, they did a really bad job, the doors where not align both frt and rear deck lids where really off the interior was not sealed from the eng compartment, so i have been working on this car for quite a while (understatement), to the ones that are considering building one I have to say that it has been more work and taken longer than i had ever imagine, but if you are like me the sence of acomplishment is very rewarding. Right now I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and can't wait to have it done. So far i have completly rebuild the suspensionoly bushing on all control arms, sanded and painted control arms, springs,shocks, upper and lowr ball joints,well you guys get the idea;, brakes (I have what they call they call the Beretta conversion), steering components, put a shift kit on the transmission, both door are align ect. ect. ect I'm sorry to make this so long but i guess i just wanted to share what I've been doing w/ people that i can relate to. Thank you again, this forum is great

Have a great weekend TGIF