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Thread: VW type 3?!

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    VW type 3?!

    What is it?!

    I've seen pics of the car but I can't find anything on it in the Netherlands...
    Can anyone give me some info that will teach me which car this is?!
    Or are there any cars with similar frames?! (maybe a VW Kever? (bug in english that's a car like Herbie...from the movie..)

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    Re: VW type 3?!

    Just curious, are you think of building a porsche 911 kit?<br />Family wagon paid for! Now for the mid-life crisis solution.

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    Re: VW type 3?!

    That depends:
    Most 911's I see are cheaper than most kit cars...
    If you build a new porsche...or a very expensive or rare's ok.

    But can anyone tell me what kind of car the type 3 is so I can see how expensive they are??

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    Re: VW type 3?!

    oh...sorry...misread your question

    nope...not going to build one...still planning to build the countach. But in some plans I got my hands on that car is used, and I hadn't heard of it...

    I think porsches are pretty cheap here (I could actually afford an old one), so it's no use replicating one if you can get the real thing

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    Re: VW type 3?!

    Nearly all rebodied lambo kits where using VW as some time.
    I would not use one now,the plans i sent you have plans for both VW and tube chassis.
    I will send the pics as soon as i find out how to edit them from the plans.
    maybe on saturday.
    Aussie living in canada.<br />

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