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Thread: the kit is from whom????

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    Re: the kit is from whom????

    That kit is known as the Raptor. It fits a Firebird years 94 and up I believe. I Forget at the moment which gen that is. 3rd I think? The kit originated in China where it was used for some movies.

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    Re: the kit is from whom????

    Just clarifying that it's 93 and up (2002) and it's a 4th Gen. Nice looking kit, in my opinion. Great car to put it on too... I love Trans Ams/Firebirds!

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    Re: the kit is from whom????

    any website i can get more info on this kit?

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    Re: the kit is from whom????

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    Re: the kit is from whom????

    looks ugly...not even to scale...but worth a try to fix it up...

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    Re: the kit is from whom????

    Nice looking effort for what it is....It looks like a quality build....It's a obviously for those who are looking for something different and not an exact replica...

    I feel that the asking price is a little steep....That's my opinion.

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    Re: the kit is from whom????

    ive said it a thousand times,you cannot make ft. engined car look like a rear engined car,theres not enough space behind the doors.,and to much space forward of the doors

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