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    Heritage Countach


    Anyone have any info on the Heritage Countach made a couple years ago? Supposedly used a tube chassis with custom suspension. Any info is appreciated, even a reference to a owner or two.

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    Re: Heritage Countach

    Yep I just saw somewhere on the net somebody was trying to sell some plans for a heritage kit I just can't rember where I saw this add but I will look for you and post again when I find it .By the way If I rembeber correctly it seemed to be a good kit anyways I'll find the plans for you
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    Re: Heritage Countach

    Are you talking about Heritage A & F Ltd in Illinois? (

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    Re: Heritage Countach

    I recently had the chassis plans on e-bay for sale. these are vey large drawings. About 2 feet by 3 feet or bigger and probably 15 or 20 pages. I still have the originals and will sell copies for $100.00 It cost me $65. just to have them made.

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    Re: Heritage Countach

    HI I'm Gene and interested in Mikes plans (I think) I would like to see them but Mike isn't answeriing his email any one know how to get intouch with him Gene

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