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Thread: 67 corvette

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    67 corvette

    Are there any companies out there that still make 67 corvette bodies? I remember there used to be a few but can not locate any.

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    Re: 67 corvette

    "Nice Car Company" used to make the kit that used a monte-carlo chassis,they were bought by CK-3 who is now out of buisness,I bought the last kit they had for the 67-427
    Roadster,My buddy modified the parts to fit on a 1980 corvette,leaving the 78-82 bubble
    window to give it a 67ish coupe look,not meant to be a replica,but looks better than a stock
    78-82,and will be a lot more fun,67 looks with all the toys!!
    Mike ???

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    Re: 67 corvette

    ive got a 63-67 cowl section and the flooring goes back to behind the seat area,i also have a tail clip with damage that is repairable,if you want to build a vette,it would be worth more money than a replica,i have several frames also they are newer model frames [mid 70s],but 63-82 vette frames are pretty much all the same,if you want to build a mid year vette,send me a pm,i can put you in the vette biz.

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    Re: 67 corvette

    Mike dd, i might be interested on the front clip, if i get this car that iam trying to get, email me . Mario

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