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Thread: Donor car + engine

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    Donor car + engine

    I want to make a countach replica, I've seen the most used cars are the Fiero and MR2(? only saw it for diablo actually but it should be possible right?)

    Well, I live in the Netherlands, so if I can use a car other then a fiero, that will be cheaper for me, but the only mid engine, rear drive cars I can find are:

    Pontiac Fiero
    Toyota MR2
    Porsche 914

    Does anyone know more cars with mid engine and rear or all wheel drive? (which are not supercars like the countach themselves ) The car can be old, that way I won't have to pay taxes (25+ years).

    And what are engines that are used a lot in those mid engine cars? I saw normal fiero engines, Chevy V8's and some other stuff. I want good power and sound, but gas is quite expensive here, so I should keep the gas mileage down. What are the possibilities? (engine-gearbox combinations for mid engined cars that is)

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    Re: Donor car + engine


    There really arent too many options that you have since you live in the netherlands, if i were you, id rather just settle for a custom tubular chassis rather than stripping a donar just do to the fact that fieros and mr2's aren't exactly "Blooming" in population in your part of the world, if you wish to utilize a donar, my suggestion would be to go crazy looking for a fiero because fieros are the best donars to use because most kits on the market like D&R's Deceptor 25th aniversary doesn't require a stretch for a "FIERO" the only other cars that i have heard of that have successfully transformed into a replica is the honda Del Sol but the F-355 kits for them are really scarce and i have not heard from the individual who has built his car in a long time. Well i hope that this helps but if it doesn't i appologize


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    Re: Donor car + engine

    every reaction is welcome m8!!

    I won't be using a kit, I'll be making the body all by myself.
    It's not really difficult to get a fiero in here, but since it's an american car, parts are more expensive.
    But if I can put another engine and transmission in the car, the problem (if there is any) could be solved....

    I'm still interested in possible combinations for the engine and gearbox (transmission?). Are there any "cheap" transmissions with 6 gears? (cheap = not original ferrari or lamborghini )
    I don't want the engine to consume a lot of gas, but still go fast, maybe I can add a supercharger I can turn on and off? (saw that once somewhere)

    stuff like that

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    Re: Donor car + engine

    ok..some other thing I really like to know:

    Which is the cheapest and best? just using a fiero frame with original transmission and engine? (2,8 V6 I guess)

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    Re: Donor car + engine

    like my thread about V12 conversion help, porsche tranny's are 6 spd's so that could be one of your options, the best porsche trannys that i am aware about are the: 930 and the 915's can be used for their 6 spd capabilities. Concerning engine power plants, yes a stock 2.8l V6 would be the cheapest option, however its kind of limiting in terms of power and upgradability. If your concerned about fuel consumption, swaping the stock V6 motor with another GM V6 powerplant, like a buick or a cutlass supreme 3.1 V6 something along these lines. I havn't exprimented much with the fieros trannys but i think you can swap a bigger V6 and keep a stock tranny.
    I hope this answers some of your questions

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    Re: Donor car + engine

    thx m8...6 gears would be cool...and I bet these porsche trannys aren't very expensive in here...

    So which engines fit on the 930 tranny? (I guess I kinda prefer European ones...since those are cheaper for me)

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    Re: Donor car + engine


    im not a 100% sure, all i know is that they can support most GM powerplants, of course porsche engines, and BMW powerplants. So in theory, i guess that any EURO engine, would most likely work. Now i have a little help request i need to ask of you, i like i stated eariler, am constructing a "ONe of a kind site" which will be extreamly helpfull to actual kit car builders, the only little problem i have, is that im not very experienced in designing web sites, actually, i havent much tried it at all :-[ so in exchange for the free copy of the video, plus the color copy of the "Fifteen Dollar A day Diablo" book which basicaly shows you how to make the damn thing, would you be able to construct me a half decent "Lambo Oriented" template?

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    Re: Donor car + engine

    sure m8!!

    I haven't done that web building stuff for a while but it's very you have an instant messenger prog? (ICQ? MSN?)
    If you don't, just tell me how you exactly want it right here.
    You can give me a page you want it to look like, or draw a dirty sketch...I don't care. And please tell me which cars it exactly or mainly about? (just lambo's? ferrari's? both?) Which colors do you want?

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