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Thread: Manufacturers Thread

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    Manufacturers Thread

    Tell us what kit you are currently manufacturing...Eg: Extreme360, Aconcepts Enzo, Italianknightrider's 360 Spyder etc..

    ...Not builders buying a kit from manufacturers and building..

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    Re: Manufacturers Thread

    curent kits we are working on now
    the elana gt

    the mc14


    after the new year we will be starting the concept by saba

    yes saba will get royaltys on each body pulled

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    Re: Manufacturers Thread

    how far is the elana? u'll be the first to have the enzo out!

    isnt it better to work on one kit, complete it and then go onto the next project?

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    Re: Manufacturers Thread

    yes it is

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    Re: Manufacturers Thread

    but I want so much out there to change the market

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    Re: Manufacturers Thread

    Build it and they will come
    Led and they will follow

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    Re: Manufacturers Thread

    yes I know
    and hope so
    but you never know

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    Re: Manufacturers Thread

    Well, the car I'm building isn't as fancy as Roberts, but I love this car. It's the Dodge M4S Concept. I'm fitting it to a Fiero Chassis. Had to make my own scale models to get blueprints for this using only photos and images from the movie. I've spent nearly 2 years getting the design to look right. I've got all the frame templates complete and ready to go, but I need to build myself a shop first. Not sure how long that will take me to build. It's going to be a slow build because I'm doing everything myself and paying for everything myself as I get the money.

    I have temperary info on the kit here:


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