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Thread: Mercedes SL class upgrade

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    Mercedes SL class upgrade

    Looking for some feedback on the SL Benz upgrade idea for the US market. There are a couple companies in Europe that offer conversions but I have found nothing in the US. Maybe a wholesale deal w/ the current manufacturers overseas makes sense or manufacture the kits in the US.

    I was thinking of the older mercedes updated or even kits for Lebaron if people wanted(but i think buying a real Benz to upgrade makes more sense). I do understand there needs to be an increase in value of the car w/ the kit and the cost needs to be somewhat below the price of a newer SL Benz style or it doesn't make financial sense. Older SL's can be had for $12-25k USD depending on year, mileage, quality, etc. I'd think an upgrade total conversion cost would need to be around 10k-15K for it to make financial sense including parts, labor, paint. Nobody wants to put too much money in a car that may not be "worth" it. Late model SL's (latest bodystyle) are in the $60k-100k range not to mention the SLR in the $100's of thousands. Just some basic math off the top of my head. The couple companies in Europe above have prices listed at around $10k USD or more just for the kit parts if I read their pricing right.

    Any thoughts on this making sense in the US? I appreciate the feedback from the replica gurus here. If any builders are interested in exploring this w/ me send me a message.
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    Re: Mercedes SL class upgrade

    thats quite a bit of money we're talking about there for a current model SL which can be bought at a reasonable today. Also , you should check the kit properly, or in person, it does not look too good..

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