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Thread: 360 Kit Car Manufacturers

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    360 Kit Car Manufacturers

    As you know, I've started a site dedicated to the 360, original or kit. Enthusiasts, tyre kickers, builders, manufacturers, chassis makers, other accessories resellers, all welcome.. You are related to the 360, you can advertise on the site, FREE

    For the kit manufacturers, theres a form on there, fill it in, then email it to me

    for the builders, I have build diaries as well as a gallery on there, feel welcome to publish your pics

    for the enthusiasts/potential buyers, see al the manufacturers on there, see them all state their products and company background, then decide whom you want to go with. You WILL receive a fair overview fro meach company. The decision is yours to make.

    For the tyre kickers, you are wanted on that site! there's more of tyrekickers out there than builders/manufacturers/potential buyers. It is you who show interest, so post your pictures of other cars in the gallery, also you can post and view beautiful women pics!

    Forum, the forum is based on build diaries mainly...see it and your support will be appreciated..

    thank you for your support... I need people to kickstart the forum...once it starts , it will keep rolling...

    I also need people to post as many pics in the gallery as they can.. any good looking super car.. I am sure you have a HUGE collection on your hard drive, well share it!!

    Manufacturers, this is your opportunity to advertise your kit. No comparison, just state your case and your company. Let the people decide!

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    Re: 360 Kit Car Manufacturers

    i'm sad to announce that i've had to close down this site.

    I'm having problems with my service provider and trying to resolve the issues.

    Although the site was very popular, I've had no other choice. Sincerest apologies to the regular posters and visitors.

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