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Thread: Fiero Model & Year Help

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    Fiero Model & Year Help

    Hi All,

    Looking to purchase a Fiero as the basis for a kit car this spring (when it get warmer & my new garage/shed is built).

    I have a few questions about the Fiero models and the kit car body.

    Can anyone tell me about the PISA line in general and the Scorpion body in particular?* Also anyone tell me about their dash & interior products?

    Their website is here:*

    Now about the Fiero.* Which year & model is the best chioce?*

    From what little I've read on the net it seems the 86-87's are the best.*

    I have no preference, 6 cyl or a 4.* Is one (besides more power with the 6) a better choice than the other?

    I would imagine fuel injection is a far better choice than a carb.

    It has to be an automatic (mostly in the unlikely event my wife needs to drive it, but more because I'm getting a bit old and lazy to deal with a clutch).

    I appreciate any advice and input you can send my way.



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    Re: Fiero Model & Year Help

    Well the best year for a Fiero is the 88. The new front suspension just drives nicer and the new rear suspension fixes the bump steer issue. But the main reason is the vented brakes. But, if you are going to build a kit, then I would go for the 84-87 and most likely the 87. The 88s go for more money and by the time you are done hacking up the car and installing suspension and brake goodies the design margins close into each other. Plus the after market for the 84-87 is larger. Oh, and the 88s were only produced for one year, which means that special 88 part (think front bearings) are hard or impossible to find. It might sound silly, but I like the 87 better because of the simpler head light wiring.

    The first thing that you need to do is spend some time at Pennock's Fiero Forum.

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    Re: Fiero Model & Year Help

    I'd have to agree on the year choice. If cost is not a concern go with an 88. However like said above parts for an 87 will be more obtainable.

    On a personal note, if your going to make any sort of sports car rebody like a Lambo or a Ferrari, please find a stick shift. Why anyone is would put in an auto by choice is beyond me, but then again, everyone has thier reasons.

    Also, unless your really into building your own kit, look around for some used, finished, turnkeys. You can estimate all you want into building a kit, but I will guarantee you that once you start down the path, that total will shoot up dramatically. There are some nice, used turnkeys to be had. (Wish I could have bought Frogs Lambo....that was NICE!!)

    Finally, I've had the Piisa Aertero dash in two of my Mera's. I't a nice fit and real easy to install, basically just take off the front speaker grills, remove the speakers, install the dash which is a big cover, and reinstall the speakers. Simple, simple and provides a nice look.
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