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Thread: Does anyone ever use the chat

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    Does anyone ever use the chat

    I noticed that there is a chat romm option on this forum. Does anyone ever use it?

    And where on god's green earth is Ari? He's been fairly quiet lately.
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    Re: Does anyone ever use the chat

    I would use it except we have a big nasty firewall here at work. It has chat ports blocked and since this is where I do most of my trolling.... oh well.

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    Re: Does anyone ever use the chat

    I'm in the same boat can't get access to chat during the day.

    As for Ari, I went to TO to meet with him but didn't hear from him until after I got back from TO (he's gone until mid August). I'm sure he'll like being missed.<br />Family wagon paid for! Now for the mid-life crisis solution.

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