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Thread: Boxster for TG 24???????

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    Boxster for TG 24???????

    I want to build a TG 24, and canít decide on a donor car to use. I hate to use a fiero because you will have to replace everything to make it worth while for a daily driver. A tube chassis would be the clear alternative but the price is kind of out of range, by the time you factor in everything to get a basic setup. I have read that some people have used a boxster as a donor car this seem like a good idea to me. Is it feasible to use this as base for the TG. If so has any body on this forum stretched a boxster, is it as simple as the fiero stretch appears to be.

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    Re: Boxster for TG 24???????

    i have not heard of anyone using a boxster for anything other than the carrera GT kit. you could always do the cheap tube chassis approach where you get a mid/rear donor like a 90's MR2 (only affordable modern choice) and swap over everything, from the steering to the engine and interior. It won't be anywhere near the ~$20k that the fancy diablo chassis+v8 setup use.
    the boxster and MR2 are unibody while the fiero is not (i think it's called a 'box frame'?) and the procedure is not the same by any means from what i've heard.

    i don't know what you're looking for but the porsche interior will probably be better than any you could get or make, but everything else doesn't seem worth the effort and money.
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    Re: Boxster for TG 24???????

    I think doing the boxster as the donor would be great!
    You can keep most of the interior and no need to change engine or suspension.
    Heck you can even have paddle shifting.

    Here is the stretch for a Diablo using the Boxster

    Diablo using the Boxster interior:

    Here is the body mounted:

    Here is another stretch pic, this was their first Boxster stretch:

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    Re: Boxster for TG 24???????

    those stretches dont look too safe to me :-\

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    Re: Boxster for TG 24???????

    I think there is more to the stretch than you see in the pics.
    That one pic is from a group of progression pics. So I doubt it is a finished stretch.

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