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Thread: insurance deal after collision

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    insurance deal after collision

    so after 3weeks of argument ,frame is OK.needs new bumper and some mods to fit it,new rear light,paint the whole car. unusual case /unusual car/ here is$ 9984.55 fix it your self and next spring they'll re inspect the damage repair and car if it was fixed. on tuesday I,m going to tow the car to Racetech ,who will change the tranny that was damage on impact.since there are no more used Issuzu 5 they will put in Getrag 5 . total cost about 2K Can. that is separate claim as mechanical and it will be paid by the insurance. Now since I did not have special appraisal that,s the deal. next year I'll spend the 200 bucks and get it on paper.YOU KNOW WHAT it's only little more to insure 50/60Kcar as you would have beat up 10 year old s.htbox. so what do you think? did I lost or won??? I'm working in autobody biz,so shop is free,bumper heh I know whos got molds . later

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    Re:  insurance deal after collision

    After seeing your misfortune I am going to look at a new insurance company for my car.

    I found one at that looks good. Anyone else have any better ideas?

    Mine is ready for paint now.

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    Re:  insurance deal after collision

    I am glad to hear you got a settlement Ed. If you can get a bumper and fix it up and re-paint You should be fine. What happend to the tranny ? Are you keeping the same body color ?.


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