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Thread: Any Extreme 355's in The States?

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    Any Extreme 355's in The States?

    Hello all, new to the forums, and replica's in general. For years I've considered doing a Porsche Speedster kit, or buying an older 911 & doing a 993 update, but never did much more than pick up a magazine here and there. I recently purchased an excellent condition 92 MR2 Turbo though, and I can't stop drooling over pictures of Extreme's 355. I've been scouring the forums & Web for days, but have yet to see where anyone in America has built one. I would really like to see one in the glass before diving in head first. It seems that almost everyone on the forum here is doing an AD kit.


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    Re: Any Extreme 355's in The States?


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    Re: Any Extreme 355's in The States?

    Sure they are Extreme F355 in the USA...

    Not too long ago someone in CT was selling an EXTREME F355 kit for the MR2....I put a bid on it just for fun but since I don't have an MR2 I really did not care for it...The body kit was sold for $6K on eBay.

    I believe there was also someone else in CO who was advertising an EXTREME F355 kit as well on eBay but his reserve price was too high....That's the only 2 Xtreme kits for the MR2 that I know of..

    They do exist in the USA but there only a few.....

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    Re: Any Extreme 355's in The States?

    i believe Extreme ships kits to the USA in container loads!! visit his website, the USA agent contact details are listed there

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    Re: Any Extreme 355's in The States?

    we have sent kits to the USA ;D

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