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    Hey guys Im alittle upset with all who have been with the website for a while,or who have gotten very involved with there projects.I have noticed that alot of people read others questions but do not reply to them.For example there might be 2 replies to someones question but 358 people who read it.It would be great if the numbers were backwards right???We need to stick together,this is what this sight is for so I thought???I know Im new but Id love for people to answer my questions that I get stumped on.So hopefully with this said ,One man can make a difference.


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    I agree and disagree.

    I agree that if you have something valuable to contribute then definetly reply.

    I disagree that if you don't have anything of real value to provide or need more info, then I would rather see nothing then something like "No clue" or "Will look around". I personally think this is almost a given. Being one of many who surfs the other boards and sites, I will gladly post a link if I see what the topic starter is looking for.

    Just my opinion.

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    You do have some good points lakey.I agree that if people dont have anything to add important that they shouldnt say anything at all but I hope that out of say 350 people who might have read someones question that there are more than say 5 that have good sugestions.

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    I'm not that far into developing my opinion yet, I will reply back again when I have developed one.

    I not sure - is this the kind of reply that you think adds value to the forum????

    The forum should be a searchable knowledge base. We should add to it when there are questions and answers. We should also be searching back through the posts when asking questions. I would rather see lots of views meaning the question is held by many and only a couple of answers that contain some substance and knowledge.

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    I would have to agree with "Janice_ho" I rely on this particular form to answer questions and when I have something of substance or even some reasonable pointers to offer, I will contribute.

    I must admit this form does have a very strong group to help, but I especially appreciate that fact that most would rather read the question and provide an answer when they feel it contributes.

    I agree we should get more answers, but not if the answer doesn't assist the user looking for help.

    As DKOV would say just my humble .02 worth.<br />Family wagon paid for! Now for the mid-life crisis solution.

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    You guys do have good points,this is true that If you were to read someones question and dont have much to add then they shouldn't,BUT do you really think that If you were to ask a question and 500 people read it but only say 5 relpy that those a accuratefigures???I could be wrong but its hard for me to believe that out of 500 people only 5 would have a good answer.

    P.S. AND in no way shape or form am I knocking the forum Im just saying that we should help each other more.I really like this website.

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