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Thread: body surface cracks

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    body surface cracks

    There are very fine surface cracks showing up through my pricy Deltron paintjob at the corners and windshield pillars of my frp 355 body. I understand that this is a normally expected condition of fiberglass bodywork. Can anyone confirm this?

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    Re: body surface cracks

    Im not that far into my project yet but if I can find anything out about this I will reply again.

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    Re: body surface cracks

    These "hairline" cracks or stress cracks are actually fairly common with fiberglass (yes, even corvettes!). The main problem according to the experts is that the gelcoat is the likely culprit. Since fiberglass is strong and able to flex a great deal, that fine layer of gelcoat sitting on top is very brittle and when the fiber flexes...guess what the gelcoat doesn't. The only way to fix it is to ground down the crack to where you get past the gelcoat and into good fiber and then repair it. It sucks, I have a couple near my trunk area, but since my car is gloss metallic black, they don't show up very well.

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