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    Countach Info

    Hey Everyone,

    Let me start by say I'm a newbie and have been researching for about 2 months on Countach kits. I finally went with trying to build my own. I bought and downloaded the plans online. Don't get me wrong, the 32 page word document was very informative form a beginner like myself, but I know there could and should have been a lot more. Does anyone know where I can get more "build" information on the Countach?

    P.S. Great Site, I was glad to find it.
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    Re: Countach Info

    If your l;ooking for info from other people's sites, this one has a lot of info: It also has links to other good sites.
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    Re: Countach Info

    Thanks I'll try that.
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    Re: Countach Info

    Building your own body from scratch is quite a feat, I know because that's what I decided to do 1 year ago.Lately there has been times I wish I would of bought a kit but things have changed since I became a member of this site.I got many ideas from members and you find out that you are not the only one with problems.
    Building your own body is a long tedious job but just think of all the gloating you can do when they ask you about your car(and they will) and you can say " It's not a kit, I built the body myself.

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    Re: Countach Info

    Thanks pschile,
    I have experience in mechanics (Diesel M1 Abrahms Tanks) but
    this will be a first automotive wise. And yes the "Bragging Rights"
    is most of the reason why I went with the scratch build. By the way? do you have any pictures of your kit in progress, and where did you get the plans from? I got mine from:

    Again, thanks for the support

    Countach Crazy
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    Re: Countach Info

    I got my plans from a ad in Kitcar magazine that mentioned you could build your own lambo for under $1,000. I do believe his name was Elmer Williams. He has a site under that same title.
    I then got another process from a guy who suggested thatyou cover the bulkheads using a full sheet of foam on the outside of the bulkheads instead of between them like your method probably shows. I liked that method better because a bigger section of the car was covered in one shot. I'm sorry but I don't have any pictures of the build-up in the early stages, but I will check my photo's and see if they show the process in some stage.

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    Re: Countach Info

    Thanks for the info.
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    Re: Countach Info

    Here's a guy who build his Countach from plans...

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