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Thread: 3.4L DOHC or 4.0 V6????

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    3.4L DOHC or 4.0 V6????

    ???Someone on this board has got me convinced on the 3.4 DOHC over a 350 4-bolt main for my lambo kit. My question is what about the 4.0L V6 out of a Jeep? would it be to much of a hassle mating it with the tranny? would it have sufficient torque for an exotic car? Or am I comparing "Apples & Oranges"? I'm a real newbie and haven't got my lambo off the drawing board yet, But I try to research and hopfully solve any potential problems ahead.

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    Re: 3.4L DOHC or 4.0 V6????

    I think that the answer lies NOT in the motors but in the car you are interested in putting them in.

    Bias aside (I think the 3.4L DOHC is the best motor ever and is second ONLY to the Lamborghini motor itself)...

    What you want to accomplish with your kit is a sweet sounding, high revving, high output powerplant. Something that sounds as exotic as the car you are creating.

    Ask yourself now... "Does a Jeep's 4.0 V6 fit that bill?" With its low end torque, slow to spool power curve and low rpms, that motor is fit for alot of vehicles but NOT a lamborghini in my opinion.

    On the other hand, a high revving, high power 3.4L DOHC not only performs as you would like but it will sound right at home in your Lambo kit. Especially at 150+

    As always, my humble opinion

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