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Thread: "New" Camaro Concept Design

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    "New" Camaro Concept Design

    Hi All,

    Sofa King here again!* I wanted to take the time to post an image of a new Camaro Concept kit "design" I created earlier today (please note this is only a design study not an actual kit).* The Concept would be based on the last generation Camaro / Firbird Chassis.* As you can tell it is very "Heavily" influenced by the all new Camaro Concept which I hope Chevrolet green lights for a 2008 introduction.* Although I have no auto design or build experience, I think this platform would be a fantastic donor vehicle - readily available, fantastic engine options and not very expensive when you look at using a Boxster or creating a whole new chassis.

    Although this is a very rough design, I think the image speaks for itself.* I have been toying with the idea of building a kit on an existing donor vehicle.* Why?* Why not!!!*

    What do you think?

    And yes, the "Sofa King" is from "Sofa King We Todd Did" - LOL - My cousin is "We Todd Did".

    Hope you like the image.* More to come!

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    Re: "New" Camaro Concept Design

    The camaro as a donor is not a bad idea but until GM gets some better stylists I doubt there is anyone who would put the money into building a kit to copy GM's present vehicles. Heck brand new corvettes have become donors in an effort to get a better looking car. And the camaro concept just doesn't work it looks like a bad version of a caddy. Just my opinion.

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    Re: "New" Camaro Concept Design

    I kind of like the new "retro" camaro. but the body kit on the camaro you have chosen doesn't seem to flow. the rounded lines and edges of the windshield and roof line do not go with the sharp chiseled look of the body
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    Re: "New" Camaro Concept Design

    What if the just the front end was all that was altered? Give it a '69 ish grill, and leave the rest as is? I agree that the chiseled look doesn't quite fit with the remnants of the donor car. Furthermore, it would be easier to develop just the nose structure, as well as make for an easy build for potential customers.

    Now, on the other hand, what about a retro GTO on the F body donor? Give the muscle car fans what they really wanted from the new GTO...

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    Re: "New" Camaro Concept Design

    HEY that is a cool concept.

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