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Thread: Isnt Having This Much Fun Illegal!!!

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    Isnt Having This Much Fun Illegal!!!

    Well, i was planning on building a 355 coupe
    replica, but i found a good deal on an already built car, clean car, yellow paint is awsome, interior is good, stretch looks clean but they did a bad job on the chassis prep, anyway i can work on that, stock V6 with 5sp, looks real, so far nobody but people ive told no its not the real thing, plenty fast and handles great, now to the point, this car is soooo much fun to drive im surprized its not illegal, i cant go anywhere with out getting thumbs up, people waving or people pulling up next to me and saying how great the car looks, somebody pulled next to me on the freeway and was taking pics of the car while driving next to me, this is just to much fun, i can see im gona have to build my own to my tastes, i cant wait to get home from work just to go for a drive, i went to the market the other day and didnt come back for 3 hours this is just to much fun, thanks to Ari everybody to the great info

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    Re: Isnt Having This Much Fun Illegal!!!

    You're absolutely right! 8) The stop traffic stares and people coming over to look is an awesome experience. I do the exact same thing when I go to the store for a few things...I end up driving the long way home. Most of the time I get stopped as I am leaving by people wanting to look at it and ask questions. They say that alot of women don't notice cars...but let me tell you...when you drive an exotic, everyone notices! Post some pics if you can!

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    Re: Isnt Having This Much Fun Illegal!!!

    Mine is still under construction ,Im doing a diablo kit But I dream about that feeling everyday!!!!!! I cant wait, I know that when the car is finished all the attention, will make the hard work a wonderful pat on the back!!!Id like to see some pics too Ray

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    Re: Isnt Having This Much Fun Illegal!!!

    Hi, I agree with you all. Mine in still under construction as well. Planning on having the panels installed and support brackets added first of Aug. Right now the body is in one place and the frame is in another. Hard to get the complete picture like that. I sometimes set the panels on just to look at it.


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    Re: Isnt Having This Much Fun Illegal!!!

    Mine is also still under construction, BUT I am driving it while I am working on it. I am very close to paint. ;D

    A friend followed me to Wendy's the other night and told me the car should be illegal to drive. I was worried that my tail lights were not working, but he told me that everyone was turning their head to get a look at the car.

    I was on the highway with the top out and "ZZ Top" on the CD (the Fiero stereo sucks) doing about 60 MPH and I felt like I was in Heaven.

    I have had many people stop me and ask what kind of car is it? They said it is really neat.

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