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Thread: Lambo in collision

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    Lambo in collision

    Today I got rear ended by a minivan who got pushed into by another box.My rear bumper is demolished. and so is the rear panel, it has a few cracks, lights etc. You have never seen a show like this. all the people and cars just stopped and were taking pictures, the intersection looked like one mega party. It was not my fault so the insurance will be involved but where and how their going to appraise the damage is beyond me. everything was custom,even the rear bumper out of another kit lambo wont fit. has anybody had any experience with kit car collision. thanks... i will post picture later.....

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    Re: Lambo in collision

    Ed man, I'm really sorry to here about your car.... You must feel sick...I know I would... Knock on wood, I haven't experenced this yet and I hope I never well. We put so much time and efford in making our cars look good and then some thing like this happens...

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    Re: Lambo in collision

    Felix , its going to be bloody headache with the insurance ,man I just look at the rear and looks like RR tire sticks out more out of the wheel well then LR. maybe the frame or engine cradle is kaboom.

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    Re: Lambo in collision

    I am so sorry to hear about your car Ed, I hope there is no frame damage :'( This is like every kit car persons worst nightmare. If there is anything I can do let me know.


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    Re: Lambo in collision

    Hi im new to this site but anytime someone logs on and see's a nightmare like that has to send out there feelings about it.Im really sorry that happened to you,and I hope you find a way to fix it!!!That is ever kit builders worst fear!!!!

    Ray :'(

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    Re: Lambo in collision


    Sorry about your car - :'( -.
    I hope you'll be able to fix it. What am I saying, You Built The Thing, of course you'll be able to fix it. Hope you post pics as you go to give us newbies a chance to see a pro at work.

    It just goes to show that in the mist of dreams is the is the abrupt awakening of reality.

    Later, and good luck. :
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    Re: Lambo in collision

    Sorry to hear about your crunch . I hope your are OK. As for the car, you made it 8)!
    The best thing to do is to go to a dealer and get estimate(s) on the repair job, give that to your ins. company and finally look forward to fixing it your self (even better then before) ;D.

    As for the feelings of loss ???, I am sure we are all with you on that. I may not be able to offer much since I'm not even in the same town but, If I can help in any way let me know. it's the least we can do for a fellow car nut.

    Good luck.

    850R<br />Family wagon paid for! Now for the mid-life crisis solution.

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    Re: Lambo in collision

    Just like everyone else has said this is a terrible thing to have happen. You bring up a very interesting point about insurance in case this happens.

    I see you started with a 86 Fiero and a V8 Archie kit for the V8. You have a lot of money invested in the project. Did you get insurance to cover the cost of the vehicle or just the 86 Fiero.

    Mine is insured for just the 85 Fiero PL/PD and I have $12,000.00 into the project with out paint.

    Let me know please about insurance and the best place to get a policy for a kit car.

    Fino<br /><br /><br />The National Kit Car Club.<br />

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    Re: Lambo in collision

    Well i have re register as KIT CAR (IN ONTARIO is as RBT) I have basic insurance 40 thousand (CND) . If I need more coverege it would need a spesial interest appraisal and it would cost lot more.since I'm driving only on weekends ? The body is a little twisted ,cause body was fiberglass in to skeleton frame that is welded to Fiero tub etc. maybe its write off I;ll see what they are going to do. I'm calling my lawer tomorow.

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    Re: Lambo in collision

    Thank you all for your emails and help. If the car is write off ??? I'll build new one! maybe Diablo . anyway I'll keep you inform. Ed

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