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Thread: Kit Car rules and walkthrough??

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    Kit Car rules and walkthrough??

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and to kit car world itself. I'd like to know more info on kit cars, registration in particular. I did some research but there is not much that I could find useful. What I need to know, for now, is when I receive the kit and the donor car, do I have to call someone to come and take a look at my project before it is actually built? I inspector has to come and take a look at the finished project? And any other info on the rules that imply at a specific state would also be very helpful (Illinois) Thanks in advance. Any input is appreciated!

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    Re: Kit Car rules and walkthrough??

    G to and get the e-mail or phone # for Ken Smith he is the club President and he can help you with getting a kit car registered in IL.

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