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    512TR kit

    Well David Terrill is not going to finish my car. He quit working on it so i quit sending him money. I paid him in full for our first contract he never finished that but,he gave a convincing story as to why he was waiting to stretch the donor Fiero. We had two contracts totaling $10,500 for a complete rough install. I paid him $8,250 plus over $3,000 in parts. When i asked him if he is going to ever finish my car he told me to F*** OFF! so i will be selling what ever parts i can get a hold of. so if any one is interested let me know. you can still go to my site link below and see the car and parts.

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    Re: 512TR kit

    Likes like a cool build. Please keep us updated. Although I kept getting distrated on your build page by faint images of your "wife". ;D

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    Re: 512TR kit

    yep it looks like a cool build so far.
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    Re: 512TR kit

    Cool project. I posted these somewhere here before, but here they are again. Dave Terrell sent me a brochure a few years back when he was selling the 512tr kit.
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    Re: 512TR kit

    yeah, dave is My builder and the above pics are of his sold 512tr spyder. mine will be a coupe.

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