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Thread: diablo fear.........

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    diablo fear.........

    Hi all IM new to the kit car think I have obtained a fiero for free(wow lucky me)in great shape its an 84 and Im going to do a diablo kit but I hear and see alot on how complicated they are to do.My question is how do you guys rate this project and do you think a person with my expirience could handle it.???
    I have been working on cars for 10 to 12 years.I built a lowrider once with frame mods.not much body work backround,and not much welding backround.Im going to take a course on welding though.
    BUt id really like to do a diablo for my first and maybe only kit. thanks for any help from you guys. Ray

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    Re: diablo fear.........

    Sounds like you've got the basics... have you ever worked with fiberglass? That is the only place I think you might be venturing into uncharted waters.

    As with all Kit Cars, panels and molds don't always arrive as promissed and fit as described. Custom fabs to the panels and the welding of supports is needed. Of course, that goes without saying that mating the metal to fiberglass is needed as well.

    You will be cutting out parts of the car and relocating or replacing them with other components. Some times from OTHER cars.

    In the case of any Lombo kit, there is MUCH more custom fabricating than with say, a 355 kit. So be prepared for it.

    On a difficulty scale of 1 - 10, 10 being the most difficult...

    Lambos are an 8 or 9. Custom, frame up Lambo Builds might be a bit easier, perhaps a 6 or 7.

    Comparitively, a 355 kit might be a 5 with a Mirage 355 being a 4.

    This is personal opinion too. Consider that. I had originally intended on building a 5000s Countach kit, but after reading and researching, even with my experience, I decided that I should start SMALLER and work my way up to a Lamborghini. I'm certainly glad I did. A 4 on the difficulty scale is NOT really that easy

    DKOV -

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    Re: diablo fear.........

    Hi dkov,
    * *To answer you question no I havent worked with fiberglass but I can sure practice or learn how,it cant be to dificult,is it?I thought it might be some what like paper machey(think thats how you spell it) ;D If you have any tips on how to use it that would be a great help!!!!Thanks
    * * * * * * * * * Ray

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    Re: diablo fear.........

    Take a look at the Artero from Pisa at

    There is one for sale on ebay right now. It has the
    diablo feel to it but it is a much easier build.
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