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Thread: Original Alloy Wheels on Ebay

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    Original Alloy Wheels on Ebay

    Hey everybody,

    I was just scanning through Ebay to see how easy it was to get Original Alloy Wheels.

    I came across the following if any of you are interested:

    Ferrari 360

    Ferrari 355

    Lamborghini Gallardo

    I know these are a bit pricey, but for me, the one thing that lets nearly all replicas down is the Alloys, which is a shame as most of the replicas out there look awesome.
    When I get around to having my first car made, I would definitely be investing in some Original Wheels to take away that element of doubt on the exterior.

    Hope it is of some use.


    Kris. P.

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    Re: Original Alloy Wheels on Ebay

    Hey Kris

    Your profile indicates that you are in the UK which makes purchasing wheels from the US so much more expensive if you factor in shipping....From the listings you posted only the 360 wheels are "cheap"* so for that price you can forget about the F355 and the Lambo wheels unless you have deep pockets...

    Which kit are you actually buidling anyway?* A Ferrari or Lambo??

    If I were you I would look in the UK for original wheels....They come up on eBay UK once in a while so keep looking...You're right - having original wheels on your replica enhances the value and appeal of your ride. However you need to find the correct hubs for mounting and they are NOT cheap. So if you can afford original equipment for your build then go for it...

    Good luck!* *-* *VK
    Life is too short to be driving Hondas!

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    Re: Original Alloy Wheels on Ebay

    also says local pick up only from hollywood

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