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    Sorry guys I have to bail out of the kit car scene for now. I have an 1987 Fiero for sale for 1000. or best offer in the Delaware area.If anyone is looking for a perfect donor this is the one. It has power windows, power locks, rebuilt head light motors, sport suspension(Polly bushings through out rear) rear sway bar.(I'm not sure if they were all equipped with that.) All body panels are in great shape so when stripped you could make money back on them. all glass is perfect. it has gt wheels and low pro tires. Tires are good. it has the 4 cylinder though and needs a belt tensioner at about 150. if you keep that motor. I think the only other problem with it is the horn isn't hooked up at this point because I was in the process of hooking up an air horn which is still in it. There is a picture at the bottom of this post but if you would like more, email me at and I will take a bunch of pictures for you. Also it is stick with the five speed in it. The car drives and runs and is still intact. It was going to be my donor but I don't have the time and space at my present house and you know how our lovely insurance system works(even if a car is sitting in your drive way it has to be registered and insured!!!) I'm not paying for a car to sit in my drive way.If you are interested please do not hesitate because the car is going to be listed locally as well. I think I covered everything. I live in the 19720 area code so if you do a mapquest on the zip you can see how far it would be to travel and pick up. as I mention it isn't registered, or insured so I can not deliver it or help with travel. Anyquestion please email me. Thanks.

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    E-mail sent.
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    Post it in the mall

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