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Thread: moulding problems

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    moulding problems

    im trying to mould a mirror and need to put a lip on it .i,ve tried to stick a cardboard lip with double sided tape to no avail because it keeps coming away .with other moulds ive used printing plates as a lip .it would be of great help if someone could advise me on what to use as a lip and what to bond it on with ???

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    Re: moulding problems

    have you tried modeling clay?? you can cut it into long strips and it'll stick to just about any surface then you'll be able to build the flanges..
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    Re: moulding problems

    Molding clay works but it is a little difficult to work with for someone with a little fiberglass experience. Go to Walmart or a craft store and get Foam Board. You will use that to make your flanges. You will also need a Hot Glue Gun in order to adhiere the foam board to your part. Once you completely lay your fiberglass on one side (8-10 layers) then you remove the foam board and start your mold release, PVA, and Gel Coat and lay the other side. I hope this helps. Oh, before I forget use a razor blade to cut the foam board.

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    Re: moulding problems

    the way we do it takes only a few Min's,* *polish you mirror,then put masking tape on the back, sticky side* out
    if it is a mirror that you dont mind scuffing the paint on then put a small line of super glue the mirror before you stick your tape on
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    Re: moulding problems

    then put another strip of masking tape (sticky to sticky) on it,so now you have the sticky side down,then stick your cardboard to the back of the tape.
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    Re: moulding problems

    if it is a split mould you wish to do then a SMALL line of super glue on the mirror then the masking tape,like this
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