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    Hi, im very interested in building my first kit car. I have no experence with body work or building any kid of show car.

    What would be the best video to order to see what kind of trouble i would be getting myself into.

    How is the difficulty in building a streched replaca from an 88 fiero



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    Re: Video/Questions

    to be honest,do some little customizing on small project first. there is a lot of skill work involved and you may like tons of other people waste money into unfinished build up.If you have a friend in mechanical and autobody field they could help you well give a try.good luck YO videos dont realy help they could give idea, but it all end up on your own hands and head.

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    Re: Video/Questions

    The most important thing is to have the proper tools and a good space to work on your car. There are some good online build info at: and

    These are two personal sites that detail the whole build process so you can see how much is really involved. A Ferrari kit might be a little less work because of less frame modification but not much. I am in the process of building my first kitcar and nothing has really been that difficult technically and whenever I do have a problem I can get answers on this message board or pennocks ( The best thing to do is find someone locally who can give you advice. Even if there is no one around that does kit cars there are always guys who do custom hot rods that can pass on their experience.

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    Re: Video/Questions

    Hi Im new to the whole kit car build myself and I here the lambo diablo is one of the hardest to do BUT IM not going to let that stop me!!!I have a good back round of working on cars mechanically,not much autobody but I dont mind spending the money on body work.I bult a lowrider once and that had a few body mods and frame work.Try Dale Van Blocklands sight he covers ALOT of important things on his sight and follow your dream!!!!! 8)

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