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Thread: Intro and label questions

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    Intro and label questions

    Hey all,
    My name's David and I'm running a home-based business selling custom labels. Currently I'm selling capacity plates to amateur and pro boat builders. These guys need them to meet USCG requirements and so far, business is booming.
    I guess my question is, very simply, does the kit-car industry need sturdy, vinyl, custom labels for custom applications? What I do with printing allows me to create these labels one at a time. There is no minimum order.
    What applications need a custom label in (or outside) the car? Is this a relevant and timely idea, or has it been done before? Did you need 15 separate labels yesterday?
    Let me know what you think! Your input is GREATLY appreciated!


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    Re: Intro and label questions

    Hello and welcome.

    Can you gives us an idea or maybe post photos of what type of work are you capable of producing??

    Many of us have replica/custome plates and labels in our cars to replicate the original labels found in more expensive cars...So there's a need for those kinds of labels...

    I hope this helps....VK
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    Re: Intro and label questions

    Sorry to be so slow in responding. I'll upload a few pics of my boat labels but I was hoping to get more of a feel for what you guys/gals needed. Here's my short, self-confident plug. I can re-create, typeset, or create from scratch any label you may need. I can print onto opaque vinyl currently and I'm testing transparent substrates for future products.

    Here's an offer for the forum. The first three members who e-mail will get a custom label up to 8"x10" free. No charge for design or production. Then you guys can disseminate opinions and reviews of the labels on the forum.


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    Re: Intro and label questions

    Email Sent..

    Thanks, Another David
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    Re: Intro and label questions

    what about 3d labels? such as emblems.

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    Re: Intro and label questions

    Sorry, no 3D. My substrate supplier can apply a thick "laminate" that makes a clear "bubble" over a label. Let me know what you think.


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    Re: Intro and label questions

    I think what may you be refering to is what is known as " doming ". It is a resin that is applied over the decal and it sets to a hard durable finish that gives it a cool
    3d type finish...


    Nick C.

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    Re: Intro and label questions

    Even better!


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