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Thread: Miura Replica?????

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    Miura Replica?????

    i'm looking out for a replica of the Lamborghini Miura. I've heard about a kit, called "Prova"... but i can't find the homepage or sth.
    Maybe someone of you guys know a kitcar-manufactory which builds this car?


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    Re: Miura Replica????? here in the uk do a muira kit on the old prova designs

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    Re: Miura Replica?????

    in glass ;D wrong link, do a google on parrallel designs cars

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    Re: Miura Replica?????

    Prova used to produce the miura years ago. Their old 'factory' is about 30 mins drive from where I live. They used to build a countach replica too & were meant to be one of the first to hire a genuine car & mould from it.

    It was actually seeing that countach on the cover of a kit magazine whilst at school that was my first ever realisation that you can actually make your own cars!

    Just to make Illuder feel a bit better, they allegedly had to respray the car after moulding so maybe his decision not to mould the gallardo was right!

    Im not sure about how it changed hands but parallel designs now have either the moulds or a shell which they have said they plan on producing a kit from. I think the new miura from lambo could mean they launch the kit quite quickly.

    Not sure how they plan on doing all the accessories, as its going to be practically impossible to get hold of genuine parts for the eyelashes etc. etc. They will have to produce all the bits themselves which will take time.

    This should link you to their site

    I have only spoken to them at the shows & havent actually bought from them, but i got the impression they were a bit up themselves & were doing you a favour by selling you one of their cars. Still, thats just my impression you should make your own mind up as from their pics the stuff looks like its good quality. Possibly a bit expensive! but good quality. *
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    Re: Miura Replica?????

    i like their gtr diablo model, it's pretty sweet

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    Re: Miura Replica?????

    nice find on the miura replica.

    that would look awesome in green.

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