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Thread: Would it be possible to...

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    Would it be possible to...

    Fit only a rear piece from an MR2 - 355 kit to an MR2 with out the rest? I don't think I want to claim to have a Ferrari or have an MR2 that looks completely like one, but I do LOVE the back end/lights on the 355.

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    Re: Would it be possible to...

    anythings possible.

    but you may have to alter some things. (i.e. 1/4 panels, deck lid...ect..)

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    Re: Would it be possible to...

    How much money/time would I need to spend? I wouldn't want to make some major project of it.

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    Re: Would it be possible to...

    i'd say -$1400$1800

    including paint, body panels, fitting, time...

    I cant say this enough... make it yourself. the materials will only cost around $300 for all the fiberglass and body filler. and you can make it to your own likings.

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    Re: Would it be possible to...

    i'd say ~$2200 + shipping for the body panels, $250 in materials to redo the QP's from the wheel wells forward (remember the 355 kits are quite a bit wider than the stock MR2 body), alot of time, a few hundred $$ for lights depending on which you buy, and paint will vary hugely depending on who does it, how much paint is, and the quality. that's anything from $300 to $3000 for paint counting the whole car. it would be just plain stupid to do all this work to repaint only one half of the car.

    lastly, wheels. that, you can find out yourself. again, ordinary wheels wont exactly work due to the width of the car.

    all in all, the body and mods will double the cost of the car, paint and wheels will bring it up to about triple the cost of the MR2.
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    Re: Would it be possible to...

    Yeah I think it's overall, its too much work for basically a half-rebody.

    Just go ahead and drop an all new kit on for $4000. a nice $2000 paint job, add $1000 for whatever reasons that build up over time...

    I kind of see the rear end idea as...the lazy way out. :P

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    Re: Would it be possible to...

    I think the rear width would cause you all sorts of problems if you were to use the panels from a 355 kit. You could just get the rear light panel & graft it into the mr2 rear. that wouldnt cost too much. But it depends if you want the engine cover & bumper etc.

    I have seen pics of mr2s with ferrari style rear lights so it can be done, just depends how much time you have & how much cash you have to spend.

    Good luck!
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