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Thread: F-50 Kit?? Who can help?

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    F-50 Kit?? Who can help?

    Hello, im from germany and i have a question (sorry for my bad english)

    3 years ago ive seen a sensationaly Ferrari F50 kitcar in it had look like a real one, simply a perfect kitcar. kitcars like this i never seen before. my question is were can i buy a f50 kit? does anybody knows a link to a good site?? thanks a lot and have a nice day

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    Re: F-50 Kit?? Who can help?

    Hi all,

    Actually your gonna have to browse ebay pretty tough to find one... Dj Golden, his name on this site, has one that is stretched for the fiero and that is how he had to get his...* There really aren't any companies that are making the kits and the ones found on ebay are underground producers who aren't as worried about the legal hassles of creating the kit as a larger more publicly seen company would be..... lol....Course I could be wrong.....* Though to my knowledge right now I do know that if you search this site you'll find a couple of topics about this car, and if I remember right there is one company looking to manufacture a kit for people...... Called G money exotics or something G money....* * *I'll try and fidn the thread for ya k.......

    edit: Go to the 2nd page and there is a thread titled "G Money Exotics F50" That is the only company that is looking to make an f50 kit that I know of......
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