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Thread: check out my project

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    Re: check out my project

    Do you guys like it ? should i pull mold ? Mario

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    Re: check out my project

    old 300zx?

    personally, i dont like the body style at all. but I'm sure someone might.

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    Re: check out my project

    I think it is a pretty good looking vehicle.

    What is it? Do you have a kit name? Is it a replica of an older car or is it a new design?

    Better pictures would be great if you can get them taken.


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    Re: check out my project

    It reminds me of an older Ferrari except for the air dam. Was that added? I can see where it would help keep the front end on the ground at highter speeds, but it doesn't look like the right period for the car to me

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    Re: check out my project

    Is that the kit that uses the T-Bird for a donor?

    It looks similar to one I saw at a show but they used a V8 Mercury Cougar as the donor. Not to bad looking.
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    Re: check out my project

    Damn ,that look like the front of a Ferrari 350 SWB , i really like it ;D 8) ;D
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    Re: check out my project

    Cool! Early Vette-T-bird hybrid.

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    Re: check out my project

    I think it looks like an old Fiat Spider.

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    Re: check out my project

    Well, its not a t bird, or a vette ,or fiat spyder, design done from the old and the new, done to my own taste, when its done it will be painted a custom candy color,or a camelion color, the one that changes tones as the car is moving , ANY OTHER GUESS WHAT THE DONOR IS?? ok i wll tell you next day, giving a chance to a few more. '' than i will show you my next project and see if you can guess what the donor is'' . again

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