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Thread: new my first kitcar project today.

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    new my first kitcar project today.

    new here... just got my first project today...and man I can't wait til it's done!

    the body is in great shape but everything else is toast. my plans include making my own chassis from scratch using VW IRS rear and balljoint front, 4 wheel disks, mid-mounted 1835 and the list goes on and on...updates as I get them.

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    Re: new my first kitcar project today.

    Cool, I love those vintage kits! Especially the Avenger. Good to see that you are going to improve on it. Good luck and keep us posted!
    Even the longest journey begins with the first step.

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    Re: new my first kitcar project today.

    nice, agressive looking kit.


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    Re: new my first kitcar project today.

    I helpped a guy build one of these in 1980 with a Corvair engine in it. I loved the car but it leaked so I built a Bugatti kit without a top. Go figure! I love the lines of your car!
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    Re: new my first kitcar project today.

    I don't see too many of those kits around. I love the style. Definitely keep us up to date on the progress of it. Good luck, and enjoy the process.


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    Re: new my first kitcar project today.

    It looks like an early Lemans prototype. Lot's of possibilities with that one. your back yard. It looks like a place where the horses roam free & the women ride bareback.

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    Re: new my first kitcar project today.

    Ah you were the one who bought it from that guy! What was the final price? The bid on ebay went up to 1925.

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    Re: new my first kitcar project today.

    thanks guys...took the seats out...removed the crap carpet and padding ( floors have been glassed over but the pans were toast. it's not what it was supposed to be chassis's a swingaxle and standard front end ( was listed as IRS w/ superbeetle front) doesn't matter to me tho cause I only wanted the body and it's in primo shape. still very firm and very few cracks and stuff to fix. I'm going to start designing my chassis soon in 3d to get an idea of how I want it. I'll post a few renders if anyone is interested. and I'd rather not say how much I gave but I'll just say it's something I wanted since I was a little kid and now I have mine. and the cost was worth it to me.

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    Re: new my first kitcar project today.

    Great kit to start with and since you are going the custom chassis route may I suggest...
    look to tuck the wheels up into the wheel wells more then add larger rims and narrower profile tires.
    Add some inner wheel well tubs/skirting for a finished look - paint it bad ass black and your done LOL
    sounds so easy ...not
    Best of luck with your car

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    Re: new my first kitcar project today.

    Hey Goodluck with the new project, love the photos of the kit so far. You don't see many of those on anywhere. When you are finished you should have a real show stopper.


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