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Thread: "Fezzari" 246 GT Kits?

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    "Fezzari" 246 GT Kits?

    Hi All,

    Does anybody know of any company / individual offering a replica of the Fezzari 246 GT? I know of one company in England but hoped there might be one available here in the States?



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    Re: "Fezzari" 246 GT Kits?

    There is Ferrari 246 Dino molds that you might be able to get a kit from at Norm's Fiberglass.

    I know he has the molds as I have talked to him abotu them. I have nmo idea if it is the Fezzari panels as I don't know what that is but you can contact him at: His info is on the web site.

    He does not advertise them to stay under the radar.

    Good Luck
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    Re: "Fezzari" 246 GT Kits?


    Thanks for the info! I sent an email and I'll call first thing Monday. I hope to hear back soon.


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