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    Re: Made by hand - Lambo

    I really like seeing scratch built car bodies. I think this person did an awesome job. It may not look exactly like a Diablo, but the quality of craftsmanship is great! Anyone that does a project like this gets mad props from me. Thanks for sharing that link.

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    Re: Made by hand - Lambo

    the main thing is also that they arent selling this, this is a hobby project just for them, which is great.
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    Re: Made by hand - Lambo

    my only opinion on it is the top of the windshield area at the roof comes to too much of a point when viewed from the side. should be more flat. but as stated he is a VERY good fabricator. the car is lookin really good. I wish I had 1/4 of his fiberglass skills.

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    Re: Made by hand - Lambo

    Hi all,

    LMAO!!! Everytime I want to see the site, I get a bandwidth exceeded and a reddirect to the main hub.....I wanna see too...... :'(
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