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Thread: Info on two cars for sale

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    Info on two cars for sale

    I am looking to buy one of these two cars..

    They are in auto trader and I have spoke to the 328 owner and like the car..But its a 4cyl Auto.

    The Testarossa looks a little short in the front..Can I make it look better??

    Does anyone know any history about these cars.???.I know the 328 is ready to show and go. But its wheels need to go as well..

    Wich would you choose??? V6 manual Testarossa ..Or low miles mint condition show ready 328 4 popper auto.???

    The Testarossa

    The 328

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    Re: Info on two cars for sale

    Take a look at the links and place you votes..

    Testarossa ???


    328 ?????


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    Re: Info on two cars for sale

    Here is the car I sold to help fund the car I am getting..

    I took this picture last week the day the new owner drove it away..I had the Porsche for 14 years and will miss it :'(

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    Re: Info on two cars for sale

    I would buy the Testarossa. It looks fine to me. It looks like a better deal than the 328. I have seen that 328 on E-Bay numerous times and it sold a couple of times I would be leary and wonder why the deal fell through. I had bid on it and stopped at $7500 even gave the guy my e-mail but he never responded when it was on E-Bay to any of my questions. Take care. Bill

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    Re: Info on two cars for sale

    Those were my thoughts..The Testarossa..

    Here is a little about the 328 owner..
    He is an old retired police officer and has no clue about the internet or emailing people..
    I spoke to his daughter on the phone to get pictures sent to me..He had no clue .Realy nice old guy but took 10 minutes for him to try and write down my email addy..Not tech savy to say the least..
    They said that the car was on ebay and got pulled for not hiding the emblems..So his daughter edited the emblems off of the car and re-listed it but the auction gut pulled 1hr before the end and they were contacted by Ferraris lawyers and "advised" not to re-list the car again..
    So they avoided anything to do with selling the car thru ebay..They said in the last auction the bidding reached $11,500..

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    Re: Info on two cars for sale

    My advise is to go with the car that appeals to you more and looks more authentic (there's a BIG difference between a 328 and a TR) and speak to BOTH owners of the cars....

    For my money, the 328 certainly LOOKS better than the TR in the photos (that's my opinion but I'm partial to the 308/328 cars) and if I were in your shoes looking to buy, I would offer this guy $6K for the 328...Like you said he know very little about this car and obviously looking to sell....Don't fall for the trap "...someone offered me $11K for the car"....Many sellers like to dream of big money!! ;D

    You know the rasing gas price will serve you well with the 4-cyl 328. If you're looking strickly for performance potential then a Fiero V6 won't be enough either....The engine issue is NOT the deciding factor for me but authetic-looking replica an correctly build car are MAJOR FACTORS....Any engine can be upgraded on a later date and most people decide on that after they keep a replica for a while. The important points are that the 328 looks much more authentic, has a fresh paint, redone interior, runs good and is show ready...besides you've already spoke with the owner....On the other hand the TR looks FUNNY and needs more work.

    Good luck - VK

    Life is too short to be driving Hondas!

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    Re: Info on two cars for sale

    I don't believe FOR A MINUTE that ferrari lawyers contacted ANY individual about sale of a private vehicle - that's B.S. Also, if the bidding reached $11,500 they could have contacted the bidders by e-mail and offerred to sell the car directly but they listed it in the local paper for $7500 ?!. Yea - sure. The car doesn't look bad though. I'd give them a low-ball offer and be prepared to just walk away - they sound shady to me and you don't know what you might be getting into. I'd be looking to offer them $5000 (tops) because driving that 4 cylinder will get old fast.

    The yellow TestaRossa looks like it's not sitting right to me. Is it becuase the car needs lowered a little or what ? Or does it look alright to everybody else ? If you're not happy with the way the front end looks, buy the other car. Believe me, you don't wanna buy a car then do surgery as soon as you get it, especially to re-design the front end. Besides, when you buy ANY used kitcar, you'll have enough work to do on the stuff that you don't know about

    With the price of diesel fuel where it is, i'd be looking into shipping costs - they might be pretty high.

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    Re: Info on two cars for sale

    Thanks for the input guys..

    I have pictures of the Testarossa coming in today and should be able to get a good look at it..
    I know what you are saying about it not looking right in that picture..We will see.
    And yeah..The 4 cyl automatic would get boring realy fast.

    I was hoping one of you might have seen these cars in person and might have some first hand advice for me..


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    Re: Info on two cars for sale

    Where in Philly is the 328,

    I've seen that on E-bay too and did'nt get a response either (I see you explained that above). I'd possibly be able to shoot out and take a look at it for you if it's not too far.
    Previous Builds: AF - 308 Replica w/ V8 & GM F-body Testarossa Replica
    Current Toys: 308 V8 Project #2, 91 V-12 Jaguar XJ-S Coupe. 1983 Hurst\Olds, 1979 Trans/AM - 468CID Bracket Car.

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    Re: Info on two cars for sale

    Bensalem, not sure where in Bensalem. Take care. Bill

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