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Thread: I like to share my dream and new venture with any and all Kit Car fans...

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    I like to share my dream and new venture with any and all Kit Car fans...

    Hello my Name is Tony, and I am new here.

    However I am blown away with the talent, experience, help and support I have seen thus far on this forum compared to others I have visited while trying to learn and do some research.

    I like to share my dream and new venture to design build and some day soon offer kit cars.

    I wanted to let any and all Kit Car Fans know about my Site - which is now up and runnin. Please keep in mind my site is a work in progress - as it is the first web site I have done. I am a mechanic by trade and not a web site designer - lol

    My plan is to be able to offer at least one if not two cars asap. Each car will have up to three different drive-train options.

    1) Diesel
    2) V6 Chevy
    3) Subaru 2WD and Hopefully 4WD too

    So Please feel free to stop by and let others know about the site as well. With help and support - a dream can come true...

    I hope you enjoy the site and as it grows it may help all those who dare to dream of some day designing and building their own car too. If it just helps one person - it is still worth it all. To share a dream and to help others.

    Thank You For Your Time
    Sincerely, Tony
    Tony<br /> <br />(I like to share, my dream showing, each phase of designing and building a new car of my own)

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    Re: I like to share my dream and new venture with any and all Kit Car fans...

    Welcome to the site..I have trolled here a long time and also just registered..

    I have to admit this is a good site for us few kit car enthusiasts to get together and share experiences and dreams..

    Since nobody else mentioned anything about your post I figured I had to..
    WTF is up with your website..All it is is a solicitation for funds...
    Expand your website and find a sponsor ..
    I wish you luck with your project but its a little odd to attract people to your site just to donate money..


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    Re: I like to share my dream and new venture with any and all Kit Car fans...

    Tks for your input Mark.

    I is not odd - as it is different/creative and a great way to reach many in the shortest possible time..

    Mark, I did state - I am not a web site designer and it is my first site ;D

    Also the site is to promote my dream and current venture - it tells a little bit about myself and some older projects. The site will also share the ups and downs - or pit falls and successes of my venture along the way. To hopefully help others.

    I go on to say what type of driveline I have in mind. With three options. That people can watch the progress and also give positive and creative feed back along the way - and all without donating a dime.

    As the project moves forward and the site grows - it will offer more information. PLUS take people through each phase of this process. But then you did not mention any of this...

    Also since the site is NEW - things take time. Rome` was not built in a day - and us Car - Kit Car builders surely know - a car project does not unfold and become reality in just a day. Plus I think more on the positive side of things and not the negative.

    All the Best,

    Tony<br /> <br />(I like to share, my dream showing, each phase of designing and building a new car of my own)

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    Re: I like to share my dream and new venture with any and all Kit Car fans...

    Im sorry Tony..
    I didnt try and come off wrong..I understand you just got the site up and running and its your first time at doing this..I was just expecting more.. Maybe renderings of your concepts..Thats it ..I like pictures ..
    You gona throw an exotic body on a WRX ??? There are other members on here doing custom body designs from scratch so it might be a good idea to find someone to coordinate your efforts with.. I suck at big bodywork projects so I am useless..And broke :-[


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    Re: I like to share my dream and new venture with any and all Kit Car fans...

    I am glad something was said, I sort of felt the same way about the solicitation for funds. Good luck with the site. I also realize it is new. Just seems to me that this site pretty much offers what you are doing and more. Also Pennock's is great for Fiero engine conversions and body mods. Both sites offer step by step builds. Take care. Bill

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    Re: I like to share my dream and new venture with any and all Kit Car fans...

    Mark and Aa2uk,

    Tks for you input...

    I hope this will help answer some questions - as well as keep me on track - by holding me accountable for my words and actions. I am always open to positive and creative feed back....

    The concept I have has been an on going thing for many years. Only until this time in my life did I feel I could or should move forward on making it happen - because I know the many hours, months and years it will take to do it right.

    Right now - "PHASE ONE" - I am looking for wrecked vehicles from 1998 to 2004 depending on the vehicle and what all I need and want out of them and the cars I plan to build.

    Aa2uk - FYI They will NOT be like a Fiero or any other kind of kit car where one removes body plannels off of said vehicle and replaces them and other pannels and parts to make their mod.. or kit car. I felt like me - more people can do light to heavy mechanical work over body and paint work. So my plan is to leave that to the craftmen - I hope to hire to build said bodies... I know my weaknesses and I stick to what I do best...

    I will design and offer a complete body with a frame - and the customer can buy new from us (hopefully at a discount) an engine and trans combos along with the front and read suspensions - OR they can buy the same used - on their own and in their local area - which use help cut cost on those parts and shipping.

    The main reason I am looking for newer cars now - is by the time I have the cars ready for sale - some years would of past - making the used parts easier and cheaper to find by then. Also I would hate to use older stuff now - that would only get older and older as time goes on and might be harder to find in years to come...

    As for showing pictures I love to show pictures of my car concpets - however I also need to protect them until they are ready to market. I will be showing the frame work from start to finish and other phases along the way. I will also take the time to measure all the stuff I plan to use and post pictures of them along with the important measurements - to hopefully help others - who may want to use one of the engine/trans set-ups in a kit they are looking to buy or may be working on then. Once the car(s) are ready - I will be able to post pictures of what they look like in more detail. Like I said on my site - trying to look ahead - I felt I need to do this to protect - any would be investor - down the road. However right now I am not looking for any investors - nor will a bank lend at this stage. So I figure - 95 to 99.9999% of the funds for any of the early stages - will be from myself, family and close friends...

    And how fast that all happens depends on life things that unfold along the way..
    We all know how that can be... This year alone MRS and I lost not one but two engines and I was able to only replace the one in her car - thus far. We also have a large elec. hot water heater - that is old - and only the upper element is working and we feel it is best to replace the entire thing and not just the part. The list is much longer - as life deals us all these kind of curves from time to time.. So we "all' move on and deal with them as we can. (meaing the MRS and I along with everyone who reads this - we deal with life's ups and down as they come)

    So when I find a wrecked vehicle - like the 2000 to 2004 Subaru AWD I am looking for - it will cost more then the late 90's chevy with a nice V6 - that I will also need. Oh and then when it comes to the diesel - After reading some more threads on here - it looks as if I might have to more research on that one - to make sure All States in the US will alllow it.. Then there will be shipping, brokerage fees and more then likely 15% taxes on top of that to get it here...

    So things will unfold as they will - A time line so to speak - was also my plan of posting the site now. Plus I merely want to keep focused on my dream while sharing it from start to finish - rather then do it - and then post it...

    BTW - Like I stated above - Body and paint work is NOT my thing either - I have always sent my stuff out to be done... Did you see how nice that 63 Corvair turned out... I did it all except for body and paint work..

    All the best to you two and your projects....Now and in the future..

    Sincerely, Tony

    Tony<br /> <br />(I like to share, my dream showing, each phase of designing and building a new car of my own)

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