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Thread: I did it!!! *Boss Exhaust

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    I did it!!! *Boss Exhaust

    I did it! * ;D

    Yes I know I have to rework the lower fascia to fill in the old holes from the old exhaust, but I was to excited to wait until it was finished before posting the photos.

    Check it out.

    For photos on this car go to

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    Re: I did it!!! *Boss Exhaust

    Wow, very cool! Great job!
    Now if I could only get the nut on top of the strut off... !

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    Re: I did it!!! *Boss Exhaust

    Hey Ari, Not sure if your were just joking about the nut or not. But Mine broke loose from the bottom side too. Take a screw driver and wedge inbetween on the top side to pull it up then try to get it off. The head of the bolt on the bottom has cleats that when pulled up against the metal, bits in and doesn't let it turn. Anyways just thought I d let ya know.


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