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Thread: selling my bb512

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    selling my bb512

    Getting lots of questions so I'll answer some here--mileage 25k miles made by corson himself so car is a 10 on fit etc. needs nothihg -rear windows are see through- had the b pillers removed and redone professionally so the windows aren't a dead giveaway like tr are 335 in back 25 in front .parts are easy to get -Aldino uses the same body molds without all the stupid wings and cheese grater side intake.-in fact i replaced the original big front amber lights with lights from Aldino--interior now has ac/ fan etc knobs so the interior is perfect 355 interior. had a 360 owner stop me in a parking lot and fooled him. told him i couldn't show the engine cause it has hood pins attatched to the alarm system and only one beeper will stop that alarm and I didn't have it on me --he said it was the sexiest ferrari other than his.

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    Re: selling my bb512

    Do you still have the big amber parking lights you took off ? I might be interested in getting them from you ....

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