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    Although i dont own a Fiero based kit car i do own two others. Just love kit cars in general. Just wanted to post and say HI.

    What do you think of my new toys?


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    That's an Evoluzion (SP?), right? Very sexy car - how long did it take you to build? What'd it cost?
    Welcome to the Forum!

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    Its a K-1 Evoluzione,corrct. It took about 1.5 years including a 5 month stay at the body shop.(long story). I have about $22,000.00 into it. I have been trying to sell it since i built it, but no luck. I really want to do a Diablo. Both of these kits are a good stepping stone on your way to the more complicated kits. The FFR cobra was very simple, the Evo was quite difficult considering it was supposed to be a simple body swap. They always make it sound so simple till you get the thing home and find out the truth.

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