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Thread: Engine swap progress report

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    Engine swap progress report

    Well in case you don't know I started with a 84 body with a 4 cyclinder. *First step was to pull the 4 cyclinder and get it out the way. * I thought and thought about the engine I wanted to go with and finally decided to go with a 2.8 v6. *Mainly because of cost but also since this is my first I don't want to bite off more then I can chew. * Well anyways I got a 2.8 and had it completely rebuilt. * Next step was getting the stretch done. *Figured it would be a whole lot easier with the engine out. * So now I had a rebuilt engine and a frame that was stretched. *Next was the hard part. *Wiring...... *The 84 fiero is a bad car to use for wiring. *So me and some friends went to a local junk yard and removed the front,rear and dash wiring from a 86 fiero. *

    Last weekend we put the engine back in the car. *Wasn't too bad but, when the engine shop did the work they replaced my crank and the old crank had 8mm with a 1.5 pitch bolts and the new one used 8mm with a 1.0 pitch bolts so off to the parts house we went looking for 6 bolts. *Anyways got everything in the car and bolted up in one day. *

    This week I spend swaping the wiring harness out in the car. *I live N. of Jacksonville, Fl. *and boy let me tell you. *I read where you guys complained about it snowing and you not being able to work on your cars. *Well try working on your car in 95degree weather inside a garage, even at night I sweat my butt off. *

    Well wiring is mostly done. Need to hook up a few more things and I still need the bracket that mounts on the rear side of the engine and connects to the tranny. *If anyone has one let me know. *Hey Ari, *you told me once before about a program that updates you IP address, could you get it to me again. *Keeping a diary on my website on my PC but with my IP address changing daily I can't give it to anyone and it work the next day. *

    Well thanks everyone for reading and letting me give you my update. *Makes the work more fun when you can share it with others.


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    Re: Engine swap progress report

    Sounds like your making some progress!

    In terms of your question, check out

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