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Thread: Help a Newb out

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    Help a Newb out

    Hi my name is marcello, i want to purchase a kit for my 1988 Fiero GT and i want to know, where is the cheapest place to get a replica countach kit??????

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    Re: Help a Newb out

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    There are some things to consiter when shopping for a Countach kit. Are you looking for a stock wheelbase kit or do you want a stretched kit which will look more realistic. You should consiter the quality level of the kit and what is included with it and Don't just look for the cheapest price . Also be careful and check into the company before you purchase anything from them, Mabye get some referances from past customers?. I would recomend Euro Works and they sell both stock and stretched wheelbase cars. Good luck with the search and feel free to ask any questions. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Help a Newb out

    Hey thx for the info that really helps, I think i have narrowed down my choice, CRP, IFG, and Euro works do any of you have any suggestions on these manufacturers???


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    Re: Help a Newb out

    Always check out the warnings found in the forums! You might want to check out for warnings too. This could save you huge $$$.

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    Re: Help a Newb out

    D&R makes a Countach 25th. kit that is much easier to build then others I have seen. There has been a lot of talk about the work they put into their new Roadster that makes it tops in the industry but they made the same changes and more to the Countach well before the Roadster. One thing that makes their kit great is that Rick made the inner door panel ( which goes all around the door and not just the bottom) so that you can use steel tubing around the top to keep the door in line with the body and very sturdy. If you find another kit that comes with inner panels for the decks and steel already installed and also marks on the body where the hinges and latches go so there is no guess work for the assembly then you need to jump on that deal because these are just some of the advantages that their kits offer. This is also a non-stretch kit but Rick has the body set up so it doesn't look short and stuby. Check out their site at and see what you get in the kit.

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