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Thread: Newbie Countach Kit Questions

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    Newbie Countach Kit Questions

    I am looking into building a Countach from scratch or a partially completed kit. However, after looking at several web sites, there seems to be quite the variation in details on the bodies. Is there more than one variation of a "stretched" kit?

    I see some with louvers on the lower edge of the body and others without. Some have horrendously large front bumpers that look like push bars, split door windows, flat vs. curved windshields, etc. What are the pros and cons? Which are the most desirable? Which are the most authentic?

    This one appears to have a flat windshield.

    This one appears to be non-stretched.

    This one has the grills on the lower body (This must be the 25th anniversary edition?).

    This one has smooth accents on the lower body.

    This one has the unusual bumper protrusion...what's up with that?

    Please educate me and offer any advice that you feel would be helpful. Thanks much.

    Ron Pratt
    Sitka, Alaska

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    Re: Newbie Countach Kit Questions

    Lamborghini made the Countach with spare parts in most cases. The same model year can have different parts and shapes. I think the most desired is the 25th anniversary model.
    If you are going to build it from scratch, do not ever look at a kit for guidance.
    Look here instead


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    Re: Newbie Countach Kit Questions

    It is very hard to find an accurate replica here in the US, England has a strong market with very good replicas such as mirage, sienna, and of course prova. In the US, the only decent body seems to be EuroWorks ( ) . You definitely do not want a non stretched version, they say the dimensions are almost the same, but to me they do not look even close. As for you pictures, the first black one, I guess is a non stretched version with the cheaper flat windshield, the blue one is also not stretched, you can usually tell by that weird indented rocker panel below the door. The red one with the longer intake ducts with the length wise grills is a 25th anniversary edition stretched, the rocker panel intake slants came on the 25th anniversary and some of the last LP500 QuattroValvole. The next red one is another non stretch, again, notice the weird indent and short doors and side windows. The white one is a 25th anniversary with the us spec bumpers that Lamborghini had to put on to meet the 5mph bumper test. I myself prefer the LP500S over the 25th anniversary editions. One of the biggest problems with making an accurate replica is the wheels, nothing looks right on these cars other than the original wheels, the problem is that no one makes tires for them any more, so they are hard to find and usually quite expensive. I keep thinking of other kits like the Diablo or even a Galarado, but I always come back to the Countach. Good Luck

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    Re: Newbie Countach Kit Questions

    Here is a good site from the UK


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    Re: Newbie Countach Kit Questions

    Do you know what kind of time you are talking about?

    Some guys after 5 years don't finish there kit they bought.

    They say that it takes 300 to 600 hours to put togther a Countach kit, for a first timer.

    I thought about buying the 25th molds at one time to make my own body. After buying a kit I'm realy glad It was just a thought now.

    Are you trying to save money? or do you just have to much time on your hands.

    I'm realy not trying to scare you but by the time you make your buck and then do the body you will be so burned out you might not get your car done.

    I searched 4 years before I had the money and the kit I wanted to spend that kind of money on. It was well worth it too. If you want you can PM me your # and I'll call you and talk to you more.

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    Re: Newbie Countach Kit Questions

    After reading some of the older posts on the kits, I've figured I'd be money ahead to get a 90% complete or turn key one. I love projects and do large fiberglass jobs and painting on my side business. I worked 6 years at a body shop and have built two dune buggies. I've been into go gast boats the last several years but with the fuel prices, decided to get back onto cars. My last project was a 30' offshore catamaran I got as a bank repo and totally rebuilt , painted, and rigged with twin 300 hp mercury racing outboards. This is how I got it.

    This is it 3 months later. All the work by myself. I made the engine cowlings from the molds I pulled off factory broken ones.

    I have all the tools and experience to do a kit plus I get off work at 3 pm and could dedicate at least 5 hours a night into a project. Once into a project, I get absessed and can't stop till it's done.
    I have 20k and no projects right now.

    Now that you all are thinking "well, this guy could probably pull this off", I need to remind you of where I live. Sitka Alaska. Sitka is an island off the coast of Canada just above Seattle (only acessable by boat or plane). The freight costs can get expensive. Just getting a car up here from Seattle in a 20' container is $800.00.
    We have 14 miles of road and a population of 8500. Believe it or not but there are four new Hummers, a Viper, my 67 Fastback,
    a 57 vette, a couple old Chevelles, and several 68-78 vettes.
    I thought a Countach would be the Bomb.
    Trying to ship up all the parts to make one might be a real hassle.
    I have a very knowledgable kit car buff friend in Ramona Calif. that would look at, pick up, and stor one for me till I could fly down to pick up.
    I think now I'll be looking for a more completed one.
    I'm trying to get ahold of Jason ( member countach818) as he's selling his black one he just finished.
    If any of you guys know of one in the Washington/ Oregon - California/ Arazona area please let me know.

    Kstix, send me your # and I'll call you on my dime. My cell # is (907) 738-7473. I'd love to talk to someone who's been through this ordeal and get the do's and don't on Countach's. I'd consider a trade for the Mustang also if someone is looking at getting into a muscle car. This one has a bad ass blinged out Cleveland/ 4 speed. BTW this picture was it being loaded on the car hauler in CT last Oct.

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    Re: Newbie Countach Kit Questions

    I'm looking at the distance between the bottom edge of the door and bottom of the rocker panel between these two.

    It looks like the doors are lower on Jasons (countach818) car.
    Man, there's a ton to learn on these rigs.

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    Re: Newbie Countach Kit Questions

    I believe they are the same distance. It's just the angle of the picture because the side curves inward so much. His car should be pretty darn accurate to the real one. I've done a ton of research on Countachs, real and kits.

    You're not too far from where I am... Washington. Cool!


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    Re: Newbie Countach Kit Questions

    Thanks for the info.
    I'll be in Washington state July 4th thru the 13th. Are there any countach's I might be able to look at while there? I'll be in the Seattle area for a few days then heading over the pass to eastern wa. for a few.
    Ron Pratt

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