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Thread: "Kit 4 Me" are you ready to sale your engine?

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    "Kit 4 Me" are you ready to sale your engine?

    I know you said you will be ready to sale that 2.5L engine soon and I just wanted you to know that I have cash in hand. If theres anyone that Has a 2.5L let me know. Thanks
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    Re: "Kit 4 Me" are you ready to sale your engine?


    Sorry for the delay,

    I did get a few e-mails but they all needed the engine before I was ready to remove it. I'm still on track to have it out in the next 2 weeks if I don't get swamped at work.

    (I wanted to get the Getrag out of the donor car , get the 2.8 off the cradle and get the car ready to "get out of my driveway" so I can finish the SBC / Getrag swap in my 308.

    Where are you located. Like I said, So far, I'm still "on tracK". Shoot me a PM if you want to. The 2.5 has 77,000 original miles and runs very well.

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