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Thread: The Psychology Corner: Kit Car Envy

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    The Psychology Corner: Kit Car Envy

    Greets all and good day,

    A Common Experience Among Kit Car Owners?

    When I was a kid back in junior high, I used to run into an interesting experience on occasion. I remember this one time when I got a new pair of shoes, they were called "Vans." Sporting a red, blue and white checker-board pattern from toe to heel, at the time they were all the rage.

    I remember the first time, proudly wearing my new Vans to school. To my surprise, and without asking for their opinion, many of the comments I heard from the other kids were things along the lines of, "Get a real pair of shoes," or "I wouldn't wear those if they were the last shoes on earth," or some other such drivel.

    Later that evening, after returning home, I conveyed to my parents what had happened. At 13 years old, my father taught me one of my first real lessons in human psychology. "Son," he said, "why do you think those boys would even bother to comment on your shoes at all if they didn't feel them worth commenting on?" A bit puzzled, I inquired of my dad further, "what do you mean?" He continued, "do you feel it worth commenting on everyday things that you think nothing of?" "No" I said, "why would I?" "Exactly! when others see something they like, but which they don't have or may never possess themselves, they only way they can make themselves feel better about it is by trying to make you feel bad about what it is that's the object of their envy."

    It took no further explaining on my dad's part to know what he meant.

    I've owned my Ferrari Testarossa kit for a little over a month now. I'm not sure how many times someone has walked up to me, digital camera or cell-phone camera in hand, and asked me if they could take a picture of the car. In fact it happened again just yesterday, as two gentlemen walked up with a camera as I was waiting in line at a McDonald's drive through. I'd be a liar if I said it didn't given my a certain sense of pride as they asked if they could snap a picture.

    The Flip Side: Junior High Revisited?

    Two weeks ago I was driving through the parking lot of our local Edison Mall here in Ft Myers (named after the great inventor Thomas Edison who made his home here). Two guy were following me in an SUV when suddenly they decided to dart around me and get out in front. Now about 100 feet in front of my vehicle, the driver sticks his head out the window and, looking back, starts yelling, "kit car! ... kit car! ... kit car!" The guy was so loud and seemed so determine to make everyone within earshot aware that this was a indeed a "kit car!" It was so ridiculous I couldn't tell the difference between the behavior of this guy and a drunken sailor.

    Enter today: I was on my way back from downtown, and as I rounded a corner out of a plaza and on to US-41, I notice some guy just a bit down the way, on the opposite side of the road in a little "Toyota type" pickup truck looking intensely at the car. He has his window down. As I drive by I hear loudly "get a real one!" Wearing Vans in junior high once again.

    I usually pass this off with a grin and a chuckle, but once again, I'd be lying, and probably not human, if I said that it didn't churn my guts, at least just a little, when someone has "made" you and knows you're not driving the "real deal" and further seems to want to announce it to the world. I can only imagine what rhapsody they'd be in if only they had a bull-horn on hand at this exalted moment of their public service for the people and good deed for the day (wasn't there a little old lady trying to cross the street at the time?)

    All kidding aside, any of you guys ever had these kinds of experiences? Very curious.

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    Re: The Psychology Corner: Kit Car Envy

    I know what you mean. I didnt want that happening so I bought a Testarossa replica that is so perfect, noone could tell the difference. I have had many people look at my TR and none of them would believe it isnt the real deal even if I tell them.Having started out owning real Ferraris and then moving towards kit cars, authenticity was of the highest importance to me.

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    Re: The Psychology Corner: Kit Car Envy

    It's a work in progress. Still need to do rims, hood vent, door vent guides and front lights. Coming along nice, slow but sure.

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    Re: The Psychology Corner: Kit Car Envy

    I'll make my comments, most if not all people ask me if my replica's are real Ferrari's some look very authentic some don't. They all draw attention. I enjoy the cars and I must admit the attention, once in a while I'll get that occasional JO, they are usually driving some POS, when they make a comment I ignore them that drives them nuts. Most of my cars have personnal touches that set them apart from the real deal, kind of my version of what I would have done if I were the "designer" at Pinafrina. I visited my Testarossa today at the shop and forgot my camera, so pictures will be coming soon. You'll see mine is missing the door slats but looks more like a Koenig especially with the rear wing of a stage 2 Koenig. I finally got original Rossa mirrors and I think they really make the car. Judge for yourself, there will always be JO's in this world it's a matter of how you deal with them. I say what have they done in their lives to make such asses out of themselves to try and humiliate someone just trying to have some youthful fun? Wave them off, smile and laugh thats all you can do, and in my case if I can engage them in a meaningful conversation I tell them I could own a real Ferrari but I feel it is ridiculous to pay a dollar per mile for tune ups when my replica can actually blow away the same model from 0-125mph and get middle 20's MPG. That will usually shut them up. You know what my father told me many years ago the world is full of people with opinion's some negative, don't let the few negative influence you! Pictures of my Yellow Rossa will soon follow. Take care. Bill
    Here is a picture of it before the accident (poor quality)
    Attached Images Attached Images    

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    Re: The Psychology Corner: Kit Car Envy

    Do not pay these people a bit of attention. I had a 1986 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Euro and I had a several people tell me it was a replica, or a fake Ferrari. Now let me ask this forum a question, when was the last time you saw a replica Mondial?? You see as far as I know they never made such a replica. So you will always have people telling you that your Ferrari is fake, even if its a real one.


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    Re: The Psychology Corner: Kit Car Envy

    Yep - i've hade many people scream out Fake or kit when i'm driving. Once at a car show as i was leaving this punk kid screams it out as i'm leaving so i back up. I then said whats up - he said nice car - then i said yep its a kit and what do you drive - he said Iroc and i said U the Man and left. It does bug me but i'm getting over it.

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    Re: The Psychology Corner: Kit Car Envy

    I've had guys ask me if it's real or a kit.I just tell them it's a real car, I drove up in it ;D

    Actualy I like telling people I built my KIT CAR. I 've built show wining cars before, Yes alot of work goes into a wining car, but not like a Kit car you guys know it takes alot more work doing a kit car than, putting after market parts and customizing a car.

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    Re: The Psychology Corner: Kit Car Envy

    I always call them "Replica's" never kit cars. I think most of the uneducated public visualize a VW chassis type kit car. I have seen some of those that were done nicely as well. Take care. Bill

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    Re: The Psychology Corner: Kit Car Envy

    I agree with Bill. I always say Replica. My wife knows not to call them Kit Cars. I tell her: There is a difference.!

    One time, quite awhile back when I had my 1st 308 replica, I had a guy in a 76 Corvette (Yes..... a mid 70's 185HP Emissions Bogged, 85MPH Speedometer, "Rocket ship" that he thought was the greatest thing....) yell out. "get a real car" at a local cruise night.

    One small burnout with the SBC 308 shut him up but since I was 10 minutes from my house, I went home, Pulled my 87 Grand National track car out of the garage and came back.

    I can't even describe the "Outrageous Laughter" that came from the group of guys he was standing with when I returned with the GN, glove box full of mid 10 second time slips and asked "Is this real enough or should I drive home again and get my Trans-AM?

    I was one of the lucky ones who was pretty well known because I worked at a local speed shop. The guy was pretty embarassed when someone let on who I was and beleive it or not, we became friends, I built him a low 10 second 69 Camaro and he finally understood that it's not all about driving something that looks like a Ferrari (or anything else for that matter) but it's the satisfaction of building a unique project from scratch from start to finish and enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done.

    While others may get satisfaction from yelling out things like "Kit-Car", they tend to get very quiet when I ask: Have you ever done anything in your life like put together a car like this from scratch? How about an engine? Anything???? Can you change your own oil??? No ??? That's a shame. Don't you feel a little helpless and "Girl-like"?

    Seriously. I think most of us on this forum are lucky enough to be able to work with our hands and create something that not many people can. I consider it an art. I really do. There are so many people that could'nt even dream of doing what we do, let alone picking up a wrench and starting a project (or finishing one)..

    I don't let it bother me at all. I've been lucky enough to build race cars, street cars, replicas and have had a lot of fun. I've got a wall full of pictures and engines and while not for everyone, I'm always proud of my accomplishments.

    Just my .02

    PS. Svengalli . Great looking T/R !
    Previous Builds: AF - 308 Replica w/ V8 & GM F-body Testarossa Replica
    Current Toys: 308 V8 Project #2, 91 V-12 Jaguar XJ-S Coupe. 1983 Hurst\Olds, 1979 Trans/AM - 468CID Bracket Car.

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    Re: The Psychology Corner: Kit Car Envy

    Quote Originally Posted by jdorr2002
    I have had many people look at my TR and none of them would believe it isnt the real deal even if I tell them.
    What surprises me is things like that. When I was having the windows tinted a few weeks back, a guy was coming in that used to work at a car dealership. He said he had seen a number of Ferrari come through in his time, and this guy said he was shocked when I told him it wasn't the "real deal." I believe his exact words were "it could have fooled me." Yet some punk driving a POS knows what's up?

    I could see two types of people knowing for sure, 1) a major Ferrari enthusiast, or 2) a real TR owner. Only thing I can say is that for every "fake" comment I get (only gotten 2 so far) I must get at least 20 or 30 "sweets!" or "there goes my car!" or (a chick telling a friend on a cell phone in front of Outback) "Ooh, my Ferrari just went by!" etc. ~

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